Empowered Fundraiser's Comprehensive Portfolio

At Empowered Fundraiser, we provide a diverse set of customized services designed to help nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions navigate the complex world of fundraising. Discover how our expertise can optimize your fundraising efforts and drive impactful results.

Explore our portfolio of services and elevate your fundraising success by harnessing the expertise of Empowered Fundraiser. Together, we can achieve your organization's ambitious goals and create a lasting impact.

Strategic Consulting

From identifying growth opportunities to enhancing donor engagement, our strategic consulting services will help you maximize your capabilities. Rely on our experienced team to optimize processes and achieve long-lasting success.

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Professional Development

Empower your team with targeted skill enhancement, leadership coaching, and growth opportunities.

Modern Playbook for Fundraising: A comprehensive enterprise professional development program, including workshops, summits, and 1:1 coaching, designed to boost your fundraising success.

Workshop Packages: A series of tailored workshops focused on soft skills, new hire onboarding, and collaboration with academic leaders, helping to improve the effectiveness of your fundraising team

Executive Coaching: Personalized coaching tailored to individual needs, especially for executive and emerging leaders. Enhance skills, overcome challenges, and foster leadership qualities to drive impactful results through expert guidance.

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Responsible AI in Fundraising Operations

AI Operations Consulting: Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving fundraising landscape with our guidance on integrating responsible AI solutions like ChatGPT. Ensure trust, transparency, and ethical standards are preserved while harnessing AI-driven opportunities.

Hands-on Education: Become a responsible AI practitioner with our comprehensive workshops on ethical AI applications in fundraising. Learn how to implement fair, accountable systems that build trust and prevent bias in your AI-driven operations.

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